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Master Label Printer MA-LP-16

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  • Big Storage capacity: 10,000 PLUs data storage capacity, plus extra storage optional, plus extra optional.
  • 224 (112x2) PLU Hotkeys, easy for calling out the products, computer setting and printing hotkeys.
  • Different type of selling: weighing, default price and weight selling.
  • Could set Print parameters, barcode formats according customized.
  • Various special selling modes: Discount in percentage or coupon, additional charge in percentage or other extra charge, change price anytime etc.
  • Supporting automatic printing.
  • Powerful network communication: Program setting, multiple-machine network, back-office management via RS-232 or Ethernet.
  • Easy programming: PLUs database, label barcode format, system parameters, hot keys, 8 letter strings, 255 explanations to be edited in PC pr directly in scale.

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