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Polyprint - Texjet® PLUS Advanced

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Texjet® PLUS Advanced printer is the ideal solution from low entry level to high productions. A unique combination of hardware, software and inks, designed and produced by experts, makes garment printing easy, fast and profitable.

Top quality dtg printer and yet affordable!

After years of research & development we managed to build Texjet® PLUS Advanced dtg printer using top quality and robust metal materials that complies with demanding engineering standards. A solid construction that adds durability and reliability ideal for small business use to even more demanding environments and larger productions that doesn’t add extra burden to the price while keeping it competitive and cost effective!

Innovative RIP software!

TexjetRIP Compatible Operating SystemsWith TexjetRIP® v7 we have managed to add awesome new features that set the bar of user experience to the next level! A modular software developed from the ground up with great ease of use and increased flexibility in mind. Some of the key-features of version 7 are: New enhanced white mask creation tool – no need of additional editing software like Photoshop, Automatic & manual white mask management, Redesigned interface, Powerful RIP engine resulting in higher function speeds, Single Pass printing of White and Colors at the same time offer amazing speed gain and print results!

Large Printable Area

Our evolutionary “Easy Table Series” products are easily exchangeable platens with printable surfaces from 15x30cm up to 42x60cm. We designed them specifically to speed up your workflow and to increase your productivity while also focusing on quality by using robust and lightweight materials. All platen sizes have their own removable frame system in order to keep the t-shirt in place. No need to use spray glue any more (with the exception of the 60x42cm table that has no frame in order to utilize the maximum allowed printing area). Plus, all frame systems have adjustable knobs on their corners to allow printing on thicker or thinner materials.

Automatic printhead height adjustment!

Now there is no need to manually adjust the distance of the printhead like many other competitive dtg printers. Texjet® PLUS comes with an accurate optical sensor that does it automatically for you minimizing the possibility to damage the printhead. The sensor guarantees the optimum distance between the fabric and the printhead and also enables bi-directional printing.

Excellent white ink performance!

4 CMYK and 4 White ink cartridges of 160ml are available. The ink cartridges are refillable keeping the costs down. White Ink performs at its best, due to closed loop ink system which keeps the white ink fresh and clean from dust or evaporation, minimizing maintenance. Due to the fact that the ink doesn’t come in contact with air, the printer can stay idle for 30 days without the need to remove the white ink, and without having clogging problems after starting working again. This is because the ink in the cartridges is vacuum sealed which prevents the evaporation or contamination of the ink. Also, maintenance procedure for our printer is very simple to do without the need of using tools and disassembling parts of the printer.

Printing Method Direct to Garment Inkjet Printer
Print Head DX5
Print Head Technology PIEZO
Resolution (min/max) 360/1440
Print Format A2 (42x60cm)
Print output (Lowest quality) 20 DARK - 60 WHITE/LIGHT (T-shirts/per hour)
Print output (Highest quality) 15 DARK - 40 WHITE/LIGHT (T-shirts/per hour)
Printing cost per print (Average, Lowest quality) 0,80€ (DARK) - €0,08 (WHITE/LIGHT)
Number of printing heads & ink colors 1 print head | 8 ink colors
Number of nozzles per printing head 180 nozzles/color (1440 total)
Print Mode (single, double) Single pass CMYK and white, Two passes first white and then CMYK, Highlight white
Kind of textile ink Water based textile pigment
Available inks CMYK and 4 Whites (8)
Printable textile fabrics Cotton, Cotton/PES blends, 100% Polyester, Linen, Viscose, Leather etc.
Platen height adjustment Automatic
Maximum thickness of printable media 25mm (1 inch)
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
RIP Software Extended license can operate up to 3 printers
Operating System Combatibility Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS
Operating conditions: Temperature 10-25 C/ Humidity 50-80% RH
Dimensions 130 x 68 x 45cm (L x W x H)
Weight 80kg
Power AC 130V or 220V, 60W

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